Top Causes of Aviation Accidents

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The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) screens more than 1.8 million air travel passengers in the United States a day. That’s nearly 2 million people flying every single day. While plane crashes are not extremely common, the increasing prevalence and frequency of air travel necessities keeping airlines and aircraft manufacturers accountable for the safety of their passengers. In spite of this reality, most personal injury attorneys are not prepared to handle aviation accident cases. Fleming | Nolen | Jez, L.L.P. is an exception. Our aviation accident lawyers have resolved numerous major cases against major airlines and related parties. We are a firm you can trust.

Top 5 Most Common Causes of Plane Accidents

These are the leading causes of plane crashes:

  • Pilot error – Pilot error is far and away the most common cause of plane accidents, accounting for approximately 50% of all crashes.
  • Mechanical / equipment errors – Faulty equipment causes about 22% of aviation accidents. In some cases, a manufacturer may be at fault. In other cases, aircraft workers who failed to properly inspect and / or maintain a plane could be liable.
  • Weather conditions – Dangerous weather conditions contribute to about 12% of aviation crashes. Weather conditions that may be hazardous for a plane include lightning, strong winds, heavy fog, and storms.
  • Plane sabotage – While relatively uncommon, intentional sabotage of an aircraft is a causing factor in 9% of plane accidents. The TSA has cracked down on security, with increasing regulations and screening measures designed to keep flights safe.
  • Other human errors – Most plane crashes not caused by one of the factors listed above may be attributed to human error—the official cause of about 7% of aviation accidents. This includes errors made by air Flight Service Station employees and air traffic controller.

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