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At Fleming | Nolen | Jez, L.L.P., we have capably handled numerous cases involving aviation claims. When people think of airplane accidents, it’s common to think of large crashes. A large percentage of injuries relating to airplanes actually occur in-flight. Bumps, bruises, sprained ankles and other similar injuries can all result from accidents following runaway rolling carts, items in the aisles, and more. With decades of collective experience, our firm thoroughly understands the ins and outs of aviation litigation. We have handled everything from major aviation disasters involving commercial aircraft to various types of in-flight accidents. Each case is handled on an individual basis and thoroughly prepared as if it is going to trial. Airlines recognize our experience and dread our meticulous investigation and representation. Our clients can trust that we will relentlessly pursue compensation on their behalf.

Since 1981, we’ve obtained mult-million dollar settlements on behalf of our clients. Discuss your case with the firm today by calling (713) 999-3935.

Causes of In-Flight Accidents

Injuries caused by in-flight accidents can range from mild bumps caused by falling luggage to life-threatening conditions caused by loss of control or other causes.

Some of the most common in-flight injuries are caused by the following:

  • Falling baggage
  • Rolling food cart injuries
  • Turbulence injuries

Other in-flight accidents can be more serious and involve mid-air collisions, pilot error, mechanical failure, poor maintenance, and even terrorist attacks. These sorts of in-flight accidents can result in more severe injuries and potentially even death.

Potential Claims in In-Flight Litigation

An airline and its employees are responsible for taking every precaution to ensure the safety of passengers. While occasional turbulence and other “acts of God” (or natural causes) can result in injury, the flight crew remains accountable for their actions and preventative measures available to keep passengers safe. For example, if a plane runs into turbulence and the passengers are never notified to return to their seats and put on their seatbelts, the airline may be held liable for resulting injuries. A thorough investigation of the circumstances surrounding a passenger’s injury is crucial in determining liability.

The following are an overview of potential legal claims:

  • Common carrier standard claims: Common carriers are entities that transport the public for a fee. As such, they have a duty to protect the passengers from harm. An airline is responsible for doing everything possible to ensure a passenger is safe while boarding a plane, traveling on the plane, and exiting a plane. They aren’t responsible once the passenger has left the plane.
  • Employee negligence: Airline employees can also be held liable, such as those who leave an object that causes a passenger to trip. Failing to secure overhead bins, running into a passenger with a rolling cart, and other careless acts could result in a claim against the employee. If an airline has provided inadequate training, they may be held liable as well.
  • Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) negligence: The FAA is responsible for controlling air traffic and may be held liable for an air controller’s inattention if it caused an accident. Since the FAA is a federal agency, a lawsuit requires special legal procedure to be followed.
  • Product liability claim: In the case that a defective aircraft or defective aircraft equipment injures a passenger, the product manufacturer may be held liable. In addition, the airline maintenance crew may also be held liable if they should have reasonably noticed a danger.

Liability is not often easily placed on one person or entity. Instead, liability is often shared in part by multiple parties. In order to determine the cause of an injury, it is necessary to retain the legal guidance of a skilled aviation accident attorney with thorough investigative abilities.

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